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The Tea House is an online community where you can discuss the Tao with people from all over the world in a spirit of respect and harmony.

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Our Mission Statement

by Richard Seymour

Everything is Tao and Taoism forms a broad umbrella that covers all aspects of our lives. If we have difficulties at work, problematic relationships or are troubled by what we see on the news we fall back on our spiritual beliefs to help us make sense of it all and cope better. Some look without, to an omnipotent God; others look within to the power they sense resides there.

Whatever your beliefs are, the Way of the universe: that effortless, generative and creative force of existence can provide the inspiration we need to understand our Selves and our interactions with each other and the world.

We are all at different points along the spiritual path and are bound to have different ideas about the truth. We only ask that those differences are respected and that members do their best, wherever possible, to maintain harmony: that most fundamental state of Tao that Taoists and non-Taoists alike aspire to.

Conflict is bound to flare up from time to time, that is only to be expected where people from all over the world gather, but with mindfulness and the help of each other, we can move on quickly and continue to learn, share, laugh and evolve together.